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About Us

Why settle for anything less than getting comfortable in your own skin?

The founders of Antevorta, Sara Jane Ho and Annie Ho, standing against a pink background.

From the founders

Antevorta makes wellness all about women—opening our worlds with intimate care inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

Why TCM? Because for thousands of years it has revered women’s stages of life and reproduction, from the ‘heavenly waters’ of our periods, to menopause, ‘the great gates of life’. There’s an ethos in Chinese medicine that a woman’s health begins in her ovaries.

We were raised on herbal remedies and have used traditional Chinese medicine to support us on our journeys into the worlds of luxury lifestyle and health. And you can feel it too. 

Get obsessed with yourself, XOXO

Admit it:

we all have uncomfortable truths.

Things that go against what we’re ‘meant’ to do or feel. Messy contradictions inside ourselves. Maybe you’re a plant-based grass-fed collagen drinker. Cutting caffeine and clinking espresso martinis. Pairing a five-step natural skincare routine, with baby botox every five months. 

Choose what works for you, not what you’re supposed to. 

Choosing between this or that cuts us off from who we are. If we acknowledge our uncomfortable truths, we’re free to be everything we can be. Vulnerable and confident, awkward and natural, superficial and intimate. East and west, old and new.

Self care is an act of self affirmation only you see. 

…but it’s the kind of confidence everyone notices. Antevorta’s east-meets-west approach to feminine care sets you free from this-or-that approaches to wellness. Free to care how you look, how you feel, however you want. Get so comfortable in your own skin that you can’t help but move through the world with confidence. All you.

Supporting all that you are, with all the knowledge we have

No borders around your body, every product transcends cultures and generations, distilling 2,200 years of knowledge and modern clinical research into your everyday wellness routine. 

Only the highest quality TCM herbs and essential oils from around the world are infused in a base of easy-to-absorb type III collagen for hydrated, elastic skin. Each product formulated, reformulated, tested and refined. Dermatologist and OBGYN-approved.

Meet the team

Sara Jane Ho

Co-founder & CEO

Sara Jane is the host of Netflix’s Daytime Emmy-nominated Mind Your Manners. As founder of China’s first finishing school, Sara Jane might be known as the expert in etiquette, but really she’s about helping women grow and move through the world with confidence. 

Annie Ho

Co-founder & COO

Our products are a distillation of Annie’s knowledge gathered from her grandfather’s heritage TCM clinic in Taiwan, her neuroscience and psychology studies at King’s College London and University of Chicago, and inspired by her passion to invigorate women’s psychosomatic wellness.    

Dr. Alexander Lin

Chief Scientific Advisor

As Medical Director of OBGYN at Northwestern Medicine and former Department Chair of Women's Health at Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai, Dr. Lin has over 20 years experience specializing in gynecology and obstetrics in US and China and has been caring for women throughout all stages of their lives.